A new Venice in Gozo – Readers Letter

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Readers LetterHas anyone in authority every looked at our street in Victoria? To be precise Tomb Street or Pjazzetta fuq it Tomba since it seems to change its’ name like the English weather.

Anyone who happens to pass by especially during the rainy season would think that this new Venice in Gozo is not being well advertised for tourists to enjoy. Everytime it rains, my poor 85-year-old mother has to spend her time mopping water that happens to come into her house as cars rush their way through.

According to sources it seems that for our Minister of Gozo this main street does not qualify enough to be fixed as soon as possible. Perhaps we need to paint all our doors blue so that the angel of providence does not miss doors anymore. I do wish that the Minister herself would see my mum mopping water everytime it rains.

The street is a shame to any tourist who passes by and one would think that one has landed on the moon. Perhaps for our voices to be heard we need to take pictures and put them on the internet so that perhaps our money that goes to the taxes would get some value back when this is exposed not only locally but internationally including the EU parliament.

EU standards seem to be valid only as a window dressing or a smokescreen to some powerful persons who visit our island for only a few days and who are purposely bypassed in order to avoid seeing the third world standards of our roads. We live here everyday and we need justice done as soon as possible before the rainy season starts.

Next time I would personally take pictures and spread them all over the Internet and YouTube for everyone to enjoy this new Venice in Gozo.

Fr. John Vella

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    1. George Grech says:

      Totally agree

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