St John’s Cavalier at Cittadella in danger of collapse

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St John’s Cavalier at Cittadellan - In danger of collapseA historic landmark in Gozo’s Cittadella, St John’s Cavalier is in grave danger of collapse and is posing a serious danger to visitors and passers by.

Gozo Heritage Society Wirt Ghawdex is informed that this monument is leased to a telecommunications company which has installed several antennas on top of the cavalier giving the site an unsightly appearance. The building is also in a dilapidated state and no maintenance has been carried out for years in contravention of lease agreements on Government owned properties. Overgrown shrubs, as can be seen in the photos, are causing severe damage to the stonework which has become dangerously displaced.

Wirt Ghawdex appeals to Government and to the Parliamentary Secretary for Revenues and Land to revoke the lease on the site and revert the site for the enjoyment and appreciation of the public. Wirt Ghawdex also notes with concern that no policy exists on the installation of flagpoles and antenna on the Gozo Cittadella. Also recently, an unsightly antenna on the roof of the Gozo Museum of Archaeology was installed and we recommend that it should be removed immediately.

The Society gladly notes that a master-plan for the Cittadella is currently being drawn up by the Ministry for Gozo and an EU co-funded project for the restoration of the bastions is underway. Wirt Ghawdex, as a stakeholder, has submitted its proposals to the project team, which included the creation of a Citadel Management Team which would be responsible for such issues.

Wirt Ghawdex

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