MHRA endorses increase in entrance fees with some reservations

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  • MHRAMHRA have said that the recently announced increase in entrance fees for some of Malta’s major heritage sites would be justified, as long as these additional funds are directly utilised for the maintenance and upgrading of these same sites.

MHRA said it has long been insisting with the authorities for the urgent need to upgrade our product offered to visitors. In a rapidly shrinking world where people have the opportunity to travel more often and further afield, thus being exposed to a vast variety of product offers, today’s traveller is more discerning about the standards expected and on receiving true value for money. Malta must upgrade its sites and services to equal those of top destinations if we want to retain repeat visitors and also to attract new tourists.

Malta’s Cultural and Heritage sites are both unique and priceless in themselves, and must be conserved and protected to the world class standard that they rightly deserve. Our future success in the tourism sector also depends to a considerable extend upon these assets and their constant upkeep. MHRA would argue that perhaps these entrance fees should have been increased gradually and over a number of years, especially considering the present economic climate and a number of other recent increases in Government costs. However it also maintains that we must give utmost priority to the preservation and upkeep of these invaluable heritage sites before they suffer any further deterioration.

If this increase in fees will have the desired positive and proportional impact in the condition of these sites, then MHRA contends that this increase is justified.

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