Open weekend at ‘Santa Marta’ Day Centre in Victoria

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Santa Marta Day CentreThe ‘Santa Marta’ Day Centre in Victoria, will be open to the general public during the course of this weekend.

During the open weekend, visitors will be able to view the new facilities at the centre, which include various rooms where persons with special needs, whose age varies from 19 to over 60 years, can improve their skills in areas such as the use of computers, woodworking, pottery and other crafts. The centre also includes rest rooms and other areas where they can acquire more skills for independent living.

Through collaboration with therapists and professionals from the Gozo General Hospital, the members can also benefit from therapeutic services including the use of the Hammett Bath. The ‘Santa Marta’ Day Centre will be catering for the individual needs of these persons who require diversified attention due to their diverse abilities.

Facilities within the ‘Santa Marta’ Day Centre include the services of a one-stop-shop, which will be operating from an office near the entrance of the new centre.

This office, which is administered with the collaboration of the Gozitan Federation for Persons with Disability, makes it possible for persons with disability and their families to avail themselves of all the services in this sector from a single venue.

These services, that had been initiated about a year ago, will be considerably facilitated through the use of new equipment and facilities at the new premises.

The day centre was officially inaugurated by the Prime Minister, Dr Lawrence Gonzi, on the 2nd of June. Amongst those present for the ceremony were Giovanna Debono, the Minister for Gozo, as well as members benefitting from the services provided at the Adult Training Centre in Ghajnsielem together with their families.

Through the opening of this new centre, around 40 persons with special needs who regularly attended the Adult Training Centre (ATC) in Gozo, are now able to meet at a more central place, equipped to meet the demands and exigencies of its members, in a more welcoming environment, close to the Victoria centre.

With the setting up of this centre, the Ministry for Gozo will now be in a position to ameliorate the services it has been giving within this sector for the past thirty years. Besides the building of new premises, the project also involved the reorganisation of its functional and administrative set-ups.

The use of facilities and more efficient deployment of resources offered at ‘Santa Marta’ Day Centre, was planned through meetings held between the Ministry, the Management of the ATC and professionals from the Gozo General Hospital.

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