The end of Gozo tourism? – Roy Perry

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Gozo HeritageThe closure of Gozo Heritage could well spell the beginning of the end for Gozo Tourism – and even commercial activity in the island.

The exhibition is one of the best of its type anywhere in the world but needs a throughput of visitors.

If only the GTA had thrown all their efforts to establish a small airfield JUST 500 METRES AWAY this precious jewel would have survived.

I now ask GozoNews to run a campaign to ensure the future of the island.

I have carried out years of research into the possibilities of an airstrip to replace the helicopters. Now it is time for Gozitans to get off their backsides, grasp the thistle, to stop pussyfooting about and DO SOMETHING..

The fact that new and improved roads have been created in the area to serve Tal-Kus and Ras il-Hobz shows that someone can ‘Gatt’; things done.

Is it their own fault?

Roy Perry


Editors note:

Whilst the Gozo News fully respects Mr Perry’s right to air his views and opinions, we also equally respect the right of anyone else who may have opposing views. We are therefore not in a position to take up any campaign ourselves and must continue to remain completely unbiased.

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    16 Responses

    1. Swimmer says:

      You are certainly wrong Mr Perry.

      On your research did you find out that Joseph Muscat, PL leader managed to get funds from the EU to subsidise the helicopter and did you know that the area is the most fertile land for growing potatoes etc etc .

      If your dream comes true have you checked what the fare would be. So please leave us alone and don’t give us this nonsence of ideas

    2. joe says:

      Airstrip in Gozo ???? are you crazy or what? Thats what we dont need an air strip or a bridge, keep your crazy ideas to your self Mr Perry from Qala

      Qala Gozo

    3. Joey says:

      Perhaps if the exhibits hadn’t terrified children Gozo Heritage may have done better.
      As for an air strip – Never! Don’t you think the few light aircraft and the sight seeing flights are enough of a nuisance now?

    4. John Proffitt-White says:

      It is a shame that the museum has closed. I have visited it on several occasions when coming over to Gozo. I take friends there who have never been to Gozo before or that people go there on their first day on the Island to get a little bit of the history, and then whilst exploring the Island can relate to what they have learnt from their experience of the museum.

      Gozo needs to have a museum like the heritage, it was well placed within Gozo and Mr Perry is correct in saying the improved roads and the local area around it would hopefully persuade more tourists to visit it. I have not seen a link to the museum when looking at Gozo on the internet and that could be of use to those who have never been to Gozo and can see what is on the island, rather than a few words in a holiday brochure.

      Long may Gozo Heritage stay open for others to enjoy

    5. Roy Perry says:

      I do not wish to upset or antagonise any of my Gozitan friends. The area I have suggested for an airstrip is full of builders rubble and has been only used for fly-tipping for many years.

    6. mike says:

      Who needs an airstrip, we needed a bridge instead of all those millions thrown on the Gozo Channel with its still to be terminal at cirkewwa. But some Gozitans thought we would be invaded by Maltese and today we are crying for Maltese tourism.

    7. Carmel says:

      Joe from Qala I think you are crazy not Mr Perry. You are not sensitive to the needs of Gozitans. We need an airstrip or a bridge.

    8. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Once again Mr. Perry blames all the woes of the world on the fact that Gozo doesn’t have an airstrip. I have been coming to Gozo for years Mr. Perry and there is nothing I like better than learning about the history of the island but I never knew Gozo Heritage existed until I read that it was closed!

      So Mr. Perry the closure has nothing to do with the lack of an airstrip, it has to do with the lack of advertising. If people don’t know its there how can they visit it?

      Oh and just while we are on the subject the fantastic result for the Labour Party in the EU Elections is not down to the lack of an airstrip either but to the lack of interest in the environment and heritage of the islands by the PN.

      I would also like to say that I support the stance taken by Gozo News on refusing your idea of a campaign. Perhaps you had the idea of bringing in some ghost voters Mr. Perry? Don’t worry; I will be explaining that comment in a future letter!

    9. Big John says:

      Last time I was at a conference in a hotel at Ghajnsielem and Dr Joseph Muscat when asked for an air strip, straight away reminded everyone that he managed to get EU funds to subsidise the helicopter.

      May I ask the government and Minister Debono why they haven’t done anything about this?

      The answer comes down to yesterday’s result, because everyone knows that Gozo in particular is totally neglected .

      To you Mr Perry, stop crusading for the air strip, you should concentrate on how, we in Gozo should improve our environment not destroy it.

    10. Edward Grech says:

      I Just came back to Melbourne from Gozo and I had beento several Museums, I had not known of the Gozo Heritage. If I had known of its existence, I would had liked to see it but by the picture in the article above I would have missed it with all the shrubs that is hiding it, and is their a sign? The Gozo Heritage needs to be promoted, the hotels, do they have brochures on Gozo Heritage ,you don’t want a bridge or an airport ,the distance is very short.

      Editors note: The photograph used is actually the inner courtyard of the Gozo Heritage Museum. The front of the property was clearly visable and signed. Also the museum was positioned on the main road from the ferry to Victoria.

    11. Paul Borg says:

      As has been said, the problem with Gozo Heritage had nothing to do with the lack of an airstrip, but everything to do with bad management. When I had gone to see it a few years ago it was so tacky and kitschy that I would never dream of taking foreign friends. With a bit of creativity it could have been a crowd-puller to this day.

      Just like Mr Perry mentioned the waste around the proposed landing strip, first we intentionally let everything run down, then we apply to develop with the excuse that its ‘disturbed land’ or a failed museum.

      How else can one explain the fact that the place was not advertised, nor had a website at a time when every hole in the wall has a website.

    12. Lesley Kreupl says:

      Dear Mr. Perry
      Don’t blame everything on the lack on an airstrip – Gozo is a wonderful island but it needs to clean up its act if it wants to compete with the rest of the world, or even just the Med. Just drive up the main road of Rabat/Victoria with your eyes open and see the dreadful shells and construction ruins on both sides of the road – they have been there for the last 20 years or more. This little town could be an absolute gem!
      It is a shame about Gozo Heritage, but who needs another beautiful old house, 20 or 30 more shells will surely enhance the main road? Make it more inviting? Bring more tourists?
      No, the state of tourism in Gozo has nothing to do with an airstrip, but everything to do with general state of the construction industry/MEPA/Government and of course lack of professional marketing.

    13. JATT says:

      Throwing money at a fanciful idea is not,Mr.Perry – DOING SOMETHING, but doing something ABSOLUTELY WRONG. The fact is, that to equate the closing of Gozo Heritage with the absence of an airstrip is a leap of the imagination that can only be found (amusingly or irritatingly) in the very young or the very old.

      Such an idea, if it ever were to be made reality, would only make gozo less unique and annoy many people in the process.

      PS. Sometimes businesses are closed not because they are not good ideas, but because other ventures will render more profit.

    14. Benny Saliba says:

      After a long and boring campaign blitz for an airstrip, Gozitans have come to realize that it was all a chimera. It was the baby of some hotel owners who, unable to promote their business, mistakenly dream that an aeroplane service would solve our tourism shortfalls. Safeguard Gozo’s natural allure and distinctive history and culture. Only this could endear foreigners to our island.

    15. Ray Grech says:

      Gozo Heritage was closed presumably because like any other business venture, there is a limit to the ratio of income and expense to run it. When that ratio becomes unsustainable, then the project becomes no more viable. The Maltese tourist market is small compared with numbers overseas, precisely because we are small. Gozo is even smaller than Malta, therefore any tourist attraction project which tries to imitate what is done in the overseas markets would be doomed to fail more easily. There is a minimum of visitors required: it is more easy for markets such as Gozo to find itself below this minimum. So any project which requires substantial running costs, would be more susceptible to failure in Gozo and even in Malta for that matter.

      In Gozo, however, there is precisely another attraction which affords the visitor a quick look at what Gozo has to offer. It is run efficiently and with minimum of expense. It has been around for more than 12 years if I am not mistaken. It is called Gozo 360.

    16. Saviour Laferla says:

      I definately agree with Mr. Ray Grech about the Gozo Heritage and please let Gozo be Gozo as it is, because that is the way that Gozo is beautiful…without an airstrip.
      There is no better best, but best is best and it does not go further. Gozo is the most beautiful Island in the world. Keep it that way.

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