Mellieha Power Boat Grand Prix this month

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Mellieha Power Boat Grand Prix this monthOn the 27th and 28th of June 2009 the Malta Power Boat association will be holding its first MPA National Race of the year.

The event will be taking place in Mellieha Bay/Ghadira Bay. During the event Race Control & Wet Pits are situated at the Tunny Net Complex and all general public are welcome. Qualifying rounds on Saturday will determine the starting positions for the main race on Sunday. On both days the competition will start from 12.00 pm onwards.

This year the MPA have been successful in attracting Special Guest Driver and 3x World Champion Mr. Miles Jennings (also P1 Evolution Champion 2006, 6x UK National Champion & Harmsworth Trophy Winner), who will be competing in several of the racing classes that weekend.

Around 25 boats will be challenging each other in up to 4 different classes. These will be Cyber Class, 200hp Class, 250hp Class and the Basic Unlimited Class. During the event there will also be a Thundercat Demonstration Race.

The event will strongly promote safety at sea and is fully approved by the Malta Maritime Authority, RYA and the Mellieha Local Council. All participants in the race shall be covered by RYA insurance.

Last minute applications can be requested either from Mr. Paul Howes (9987 3509 or by email on ) or Mr. Mark Debono (7930 0822).

The magnificent location will allow all spectators superb viewing possibilities from a wide variety of angles; from the top of the Santa Maria Estate or the Santa Maria Shore line, Marfa Ridge, Mellieha Bay itself and of course along the Tunny Net Quay and from the Tunny Net Lido. Boat owners can watch from the water, however have to abide by and respect the racing regulations and the race course. The MPA will be broadcasting live commentary on the spot from Fuego’s.

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