Why spoil it with the effluent of a yacht marina?

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Why spoil it with the effluent of a yacht marina?Hondoq is one of the bays with the cleanest, limpid sea in all Malta and Gozo.

Why spoil it with the effluent of a yacht marina?

Even the developers’ report says the beach will be negatively affected and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they are saying.

How many people do you see swimming near marinas in Malta?

Another yacht marina might be good for Gozo, but Hondoq was not even included in Mepa’s list of possible sites for new yacht marinas. Even the latest report that the government has done suggested that Mgarr Harbour should be extended for a yacht marina, as it makes no sense to spoil such a clean bay when there are others which are already not so clean.

It only makes sense to the developers. The acceptance of this project would mean that developers have more power than Mepa.

Gozitan tourism and employment needs more greenery to attract tourists, not more buildings to put them off. Many hotels already employ foreign staff, so any jobs this project would create would not necessarily help Gozitan unemployment.

There is also no guarantee that the villas and apartments would not eventually be sold to Maltese. Allowing the building of a whole village Outside Devevelopment Zone would open up all Gozo’s unspoilt coasts to development and really spell the end of its unique appeal.

Hands off Hondoq!
Thank you,

Rita Said

Note: Hondoq photograph supplied by reader.

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    5 Responses

    1. Derek Steele says:

      Very well put–why indeed!!!

    2. James A. Tyrrell says:

      85% of the people of Qala voted against any development at Hondoq. The majority of all the people of Gozo and Malta are against any such development because they love the area so much. As a tourist obviously I’m against any development here, as I like the place just fine the way it is.

      Hondoq is one of the best places to swim on the island having beautiful clear waters. How long would that last if there were a marina there? Last year I was at Xlendi when the sea was so rough the road was covered in rocks and seaweed. I left there and drove to Hondoq and the water was calm enough to swim in.

      As Rita says the only people who would benefit from a development in this area would be the developers and of course the government officials who ignored the wishes of everyone and pushed through the application. Let me be clear in what I’m saying here. In order for this development to take place it would require corruption at a high level, not unheard of I guess in Malta!

    3. Lesley Kreupl says:

      How many times to we have to write to the media to try and convince the ‘authorities/powers-that-be/corrupt officials and/or developers’ to keep their hands off Hondoq?

      Hondoq is so unique, it is so special do we really have to destroy it? I realise that it needs a bit of refurbishment and tidying up. However, the damage the spring storms caused should have been repaired weeks, if not months ago, why has it not been done? Who is behind this procrastination? Is it the Ministry for Gozo? Is it the developer’s influence? Is it – God forbid – MEPA, i.e. Gonzi and his merry-men? Is there no end to the corruption on these islands?

      Is the Ministry for Gozo only good for ‘cutting ribbons’ as one of your correspondents commented on recently?

      For goodness sake, let’s all get off our bums and stage a protest here in Gozo and make our wishes known – if need be in masks, so that our families and friends won’t be discriminated against!

      I might only be a fussy foreigner, but GDS, I have made these islands my home, I pay taxes here, I have invested and spend a lot of money here, and am prepared to fight to keep it unpolluted and hopefully incorrupt!

    4. Mike says:

      It is unique and important for everybody but it is in a disastrous state, all concrete and rocks all over the place and all the benches and small gardens just up the road from the beach are neglected.

    5. Amy Pell says:

      For the past twelve years my family and I have vacationed on Gozo every year.

      One of the reasons we have repeatedly come back is to visit Hondoq Bay and all the other lovely unspoilt areas of this beautiful island, it would sadden us greatly to see it dragged into the twenty first century with unnecesary development making it lose all its beauty and charm.

      The people and culture of this island are second to none and it is a pleasure to feel part of it if only for two weeks per year.

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