Xewkija’s Radju Prekursur prepares for feast

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Xewkija's Radju Prekursur prepare for feastRadju Prekursur, Xewkija’s local community radio, have announced that they are preparing their new schedule for the Xewkija local feast which is dedicated to St.John the Baptist.

At the moment, various broadcasters are working on the programmes that will be included in the new schedule, details of which are to be released in the coming days.

Just as in the previous years, all religious functions from the Parish Church and links from the various band marches and other activities throughout the week will be broadcast live, with the climax being on Sunday, the 21st of June with the religious procession in the evening.

Live telephone links will also be held with Melbourne, Australia during the celebrations of the St.John the Baptist feast, which are being organised by local emigrants living over in Australia.

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    4 Responses

    1. John Edwards says:

      All these small studios dotted around the island, why not club together to form a much needed
      Gozo Radio?

    2. J. Borg says:

      Mr Edwards, if i might point out… not all are small. some broadcast all year round. As an example, have you ever heard of Radju Lehen il-Qala? Teaming up with other less-sophisticated radios would be a step down for them with all due respect to all others.

    3. Cassar says:

      @John Edwards

      I have to agree with J.Borg when saying that not all radios are small.

      Just to give you small example, Radju Prekursur (Xewkija’s radio) is broadcasting since 1997 and from 2002 it is broadcasting all day long.

      Also Radju Prekursur was the first local (Maltese and Gozitan) radio to have made a direct contact (via radio, not via telephone) with SWR FM of Sydney (Australia).

      So as you might note, we are not a simple note.

    4. John Edwards says:

      Point Taken

      So we have a radio station that broadcasts every day across the island, for the benefit of the tourist trade as well as the island’s residents?

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