Gozo Lace Day 2009 at University Gozo Centre

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Gozo Lace Day 2009 at University Gozo CentreThe annual event “Gozo Lace Day” was organised for the thirteenth consecutive year on Sunday at the University Gozo Centre premises. The event consisted of a number of exhibitions and demonstrations of Gozo lace and talks on matters related to lace-making. Present for the event were the Minister for Gozo, Giovanna Debono, Mr Anton Tabone, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Ms Consiglia Azzopardi, coordinator of the Lace Making Programme.

Minister Debono, explained how the Ministry for Gozo supports the University Gozo Centre in its endeavours to foster and provide lifelong learning opportunities. The lace making programme within this centre has particular significance not only because it keeps alive such a prestigious craft but also because through the teaching of lace students get into other related subjects such as history of art and design. The Minister urged the participants to consider applying for the Diploma in Lace Studies course which is held at the centre. She also suggested that more information and hands-on sessions should be delivered to Gozitan school children through coordination with the Gozo College.

In his speech Mr Anton Tabone, congratulated Prof Briguglio and his staff at the University Gozo Centre in particular Consiglia Azzopardi who directs the lace programme within the centre. He said that he hopes that this year there will be enough applicants for the Diploma in Lace Studies course so that it will be offered for the second time. He also encouraged the Ministry for Gozo to continue with its support to the University Gozo Centre.

In her introductory talk, Ms Consiglia Azzopardi gave an overview of the works and courses offered by the Lace-Making Programme during the past year. She said that for the first time the Programme offered an introductory course to a number of young people. Ms Azzopardi also said that this year the programme will also include an international summer school for international students.

The event also included a presentation by Mr John Vella about the various types of thread that are available on the market for the making of lace. Ms Iris Galea Lowell also delivered an interesting lecture about ‘Lace-making from Prehistoric Times’.

Several persons attended the event many of them lace makers. The event included exhibitions of old lace pieces and textile crafts. Other exhibits were mounted by the International Organisation of Needle and Bobbin Lace (OIDFA) and by the Malta Lace Guild. There were also demonstrations of sprang, embroidery, card weaving, tapestry weaving, cord lacing and information about courses in different aspects of Maltese Lace. Koperattiva Ghawdxija tal-Bizzilla u Artigjanat were also present with lace making materials.

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    1. cindy smith says:

      Please send me some information and what kind of bobbins thread to make the lace and also if I could buy the bolster so that I can start making lace her in the united states as there are other lace forms here but not the gorgeous Maltese lace. I want my lace guild here. in the U.S. ASo if you could help me Il twould love to be able to represent you here in the United States. No one here really knows about the Gozo lace. It is pretty sad. I would also like to teach my daughter and future granddaughter. Looking forward to hearing from you.
      God Bless and thank you
      Cindy Smith.
      My family lives in Malta and I think it would be awesome to represent you here.
      Thanks again!!

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