Storm damage at Ta’ Gordan and Hondoq Bay

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Ta’ GordanWith reference to the correspondence sent to your paper by Lesley Kreupl of Gharb, the Ministry for Gozo would like to make the following clarifications.

The heavy rainfall and the bad weather that prevailed during the past winter months, were the cause of a landslide which blocked the path leading to Gordan Lighthouse. Apart from the debris that fell across the path, part of the cliff face also became unstable and is in danger of collapse. The removal of the damaged cliff face posed the most difficult task to accomplish.

Contrary to what was implied in the correspondence in question, the Department of Projects and Development within the Ministry for Gozo, took immediate action in order to rectify the situation. Warning signs, as clearly shown in the attached photo, were promptly affixed in strategic points while applications for relative MEPA permits, required for works, were also submitted.

The department also sought to obtain quotations related with works connected with the clearing of debris and removal of dangerous cliff face. A contractor was subsequently appointed and relative works were started on Monday 6th April 2009. The prevailing inclement weather conditions have somewhat disrupted the work programme which had been progressing smoothly up to Thursday.

The Department for Projects and Development within the Ministry for Gozo has also been involved with regards to the situation at Hondoq Bay. The repair of the extensive damage caused to the quay by rough seas, involves substantial infrastructural work. However following the storms, workers from this department cleared large stones and other material that had been washed ashore. Dangerous fixtures were also removed immediately after the storm.

In the meantime, the Ministry for Gozo has issued a public tender for the ‘removal of boulders from sea bed at Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay in Qala’ (Advt.No. WB 06/2009). Sealed tenders relative to this call will be received up to 27th April 2009. The Ministry is also in the process of issuing another tender connected with the repair of the quay.

The Ministry for Gozo

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    8 Responses

    1. James A. Tyrrell says:

      The damage to the quay at Hondoq occurred in the region of three months ago. Does the Ministry for Gozo think it is appropriate to drag its heels over this matter for so long? And before they come back and say that they are moving as fast as they can may I just point out that their own letter states that they are only now in the process of issuing a tender connected with the repair of the quay.

      Why has it taken three months to get around to issuing a tender? At this rate the whole area is going to be closed off during the busiest period of the year unless of course the Ministry for Gozo in conjunction with the MTA have come up with the idea of using the re-construction work as a tourist attraction.

    2. Swimmer says:

      Alex you said it!!! and that is what we have been saying all along that the ministry has been sleeping, It is on record that Minister Giovanna Debono is in favour of building a yacht marina at Hondoq.

      It is a disgrace how long it is taking the Gozo Ministry just to issue a tender .

      So the tender to repair the quay is not issued yet because The Ministry is in the process of issuing another tender connected with the repair of the quay

      This is a joke and people ought to know if this dragging of feet is done on purpose.

      I bet you that in the middle of summer works will still be going on!!!!!!

    3. Peter Whelan says:

      Please return Hondoq Bay back to how it was soon as I love jumping of the rocks!

    4. Mike says:

      It depends in what year we will be in when the works will be done…

    5. Derek Steele says:

      Can the Ministry for Gozo tell me will I be able to swim in safety at Hondoq in July this year????

    6. Big John says:

      I see that there are too many moaners in our country, firstly regarding the repair work in Hondoq, all I can say to them is please be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and I dare say the authorities are doing there best to get the repair work moving. Just sit tight and calm down, all will be back to normal in good time.

    7. James A. Tyrrell says:

      Big John, the moaners as you call us are people who are concerned about the detrimental effect this sort of thing has on tourism, and the possibility of someone especially a child who take little notice of signs being injured.

      We are all aware of the ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ saying but the fact remains that three months after this damage occurred they are only getting around to issuing a tender for the repair work. This shows a very lax attitude by people who are supposed to be representing the good of the island.

    8. Derek Steele says:

      Big John–you are missing the point completely!!
      What is good time–how many people might be injured in the meantime.
      How many tourists will not come back??

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