Clear and present danger at Ta’ Gordan

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Readers LetterAs you are all aware there was a landslide on the track going up to the lighthouse several weeks ago. This is a very popular hill to walk up, especially at this time of the year. In addition to locals, many tourists also take this route due to the spectacular view from the top.

Today, a German friend of mine who is visiting the island, took this route and was horrified to see that nothing had been done to clear the landslide, nor were there any warning signs visible. Luckily, I had warned him that there had been a landslide a few weeks ago and that he should be careful.

His description of the scene was quite scary and he said that there were huge boulders balanced on the edge of the cliffs above the track, seemingly just ready to roll down on some poor unsuspecting person.

What Gozo and Malta really need to improve the present economic situation are a few squashed tourists!

Perhaps you would be so kind as to use a few thousand euro of the proposed millions being made available for marketing the islands and subsidising mis-managed hotels to repair this dangerous track. At the same time Hondoq Bay should also be repaired which is another accident waiting to happen.

I trust that note will be taken of this dangerous situation, and that it will be rectified as soon as possible, preferably before someone gets killed or injured!


Lesley G. Kreupl


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