AD promises consistency in nature protection

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Nature Trust at Wied GhollieqaAD’s MEP candidates Arnold Cassola and Yvonne Ebejer Arqueros together with spokespersons Ralph Cassar and Carmel Cacopardo were hosted by environmental NGO Nature Trust at Wied Ghollieqa today for a visit to the nature reserve.

MEP candidate Yvonne Ebejer Arqueros said, “AD has always been consistent in defending Malta and Gozo’s natural heritage. We have always insisted on the full implementation of EU environmental directives concerning habitat and nature protection, unlike those who discover the environment just a few weeks before elections only to forget it soon afterwards. Unfortunately despite the rhetoric the little countryside remaining is still constantly under threat, the latest example being Wied il-Ghasel in Mosta.

AD has worked with NGOs throughout the years on issues such as golf courses in Rabat and Ghajn Tuffieha; destructive development in Ramla l-Hamra and the extension of development zones amongst others. It is pertinent to point out that some of these ill-thought initiatives were pushed by government ministers including the Prime Minister.”

Chairperson and MEP candidate Arnold Cassola added, “AD and the European Greens walk the talk. The Greens in the European Parliament unlike other political groups insist on higher environmental standards and are at the forefront in defending natural heritage and in combatting climate change.”

Arnold Cassola said, “Here in Malta we have worked hand in hand with NGOs and residents in favour of the environment and against the scourge of overdevelopment such as the extension of the development zones all over Malta and Gozo as approved by the this government in 2006. There is a huge difference between rhetoric and action – having candidates spouting environmental rhetoric while it is business as usual is not serious politics. Just looking at voting records of current Maltese MEPs and their respective political groups one quickly realises that when it really matters the environment is always the lowest priority (e.g. ).”

What AD can promise is that it will always remain consistent and true to its values and principles. An AD MEP together with the Green Group in the European Parliament will work more effectively for a better quality of life for all Maltese and Gozitans.

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