Bank of Valletta supports About Square exhibition

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Bank of Valletta supports About Square exhibitionBank of Valletta is sponsoring the art exhibition organized by Alexandra Pace entitled ‘SQUARE’ with the aim to create one large collection of exquisite art, encompassing both established names as well as innovative young artists. The title of the exhibition is inspired by the fact that artists are restricted to draw their work in a square that is 10×10 inches in size with the freedom to use various media.

Edward Muscat Azzopardi, Head Marketing at Bank of Valletta, presented the Bank’s sponsorship to Alexandra Pace, in the presence of exhibition curator Pierre Portelli, welcoming the initiative as a unique opportunity for emerging artists to exhibit their work alongside established artists.

The venue chosen for the event is a four-story original Valletta abode, No.68, in St. Lucy Street, which hosted previous exhibitions and has a total of 6 galleries available for use. The art exhibition was officially inaugurated on the 3rd of April 2009 and will is open for the public free of charge until the 19th of April 2009. The exhibition is a unique opportunity for the public to view the latest in artistic designs and ideas.

The Participating artists are: Adrian Abela, Alberto Favaro, Alexandra Pace, Andre Arends, Anna Nightingale, Austin Camilleri, Celia Borg Cardona, Charlot Cassar, Christian Sant Fournier, Christiane Brams, Christiane Stelberg, Christine X, Claude Mallia, David Xuereb, Denise Scicluna, Derek Fenech, Elisa Von Brockdorff, Elise Billiard, Fabio Borg, George Abdilla, Jacqueline Agius, James Vella Clark, Jelena Tomic, Jimmy Grima, Jon Calleja, Julie Apap, Karen Caruana, Karl Consiglio, Kenneth Zammit Tabona, Laurent Muller +211C, Lewis Zammit, Marisa Attard, Michelle Borg, Monica Daza, Nadine Lab, Olaug Vethal, Paul Mizzi, Pierre Portelli, Ruth Bianco, Sandro Gauci, Stephanie Borg, Vince Briffa.

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