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Re: Article of May 7th – “AD calls for an end to partisan politics in Sannat.”

As a tourist who rents a house in Sannat every year I feel that I have a right to comment on the 19th century attitude of the MLP on the Local Council. The Alternattiva Demokratika councillor for Sannat John M. Mizzi has a mandate from the local people who elected him to work for their benefit within the council. Bearing that in mind I fail to see why the Labour Party in the 21st century are acting like stupid children by excluding members of other parties from any roles of responsibilities. In situations such as this I begin to wonder what they are afraid of?

Being from N. Ireland I have a certain understanding of partisan politics, yet the people here have buried the hatchet so to speak and agreed to work together for the benefit of everyone. I have lived here all my life and for several years back in the eighties at the height of the troubles I was a serving member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, the local police force. A lot of people I knew were killed by the PIRA (Provisional Irish Republican Army) and indeed at one point my own name was found on a PIRA death list. The political wing of this terrorist organisation is Sinn Fein and this party is now involved in just about every council in N. Ireland.

The point I’m trying to make here is basically if we can do it so can you. You don’t have the problems that we have to contend with. Imagine what it is like to be serving on a local council alongside someone who was convicted of being a PIRA bomber. Imagine how you would feel if a member of the ruling army council of this terrorist organisation were elected as Minister For Education!

You live in one of the most peaceful places on earth and yet you seem determined to create strife at a local council level. You are no longer operating in an isolated little community guys. This is the 21st century and as such you are operating in full view of the whole world through the internet. Time to grow up.

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