Bishop Emeritus visits Radio Lehen il-Qala

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Bishop Emeritus Mgr. Nicholas G Cauchi visits Radio Lehen il-QalaOn Thursday, the 19th of March 2009, his Lordship, Bishop Emeritus Mgr. Nicholas G. Cauchi, paid a visit to the studios of Radio Lehen il-Qala. The radio administration had invited His Lordship to meet the committee.

His Lordship was taken round the studios and was also interviewed by Ivan Cefai, the co-ordinator of the station. In the course of this interview, Mgr Cauchi recounted his life history from his childhood to his eightieth birthday.

At the end of the visit, his Lordship signed the visitors’ book and also posed for an official photo with the committee. During his visit, Mgr Cauchi could witness personally the enthusiasm present in the community radio, so much so that he expressed wishes that this radio will go on bringing the Christian voice of truth to a world that in a persistent way is trying to do away with God.

Radio Lehen il-Qala committee wishes to publicly thank Bishop Cauchi for his visit to their studios and convey to him their sincerest wishes for a longer life and dedication in the service of God.

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    1. J. Borg says:

      It is unbelievable what such a small village can do. the dedication the volunteers have towards their radio station is awesome. they take care of their new equipment as if it was their personal belonging and they sacrifice so much for the cause. It’s probably the best community radio station around the islands, not just in equipment but also in the level of programmes broadcasted. They’ve got a young dedicated team and unbelievably loads of volunteers, especialy during summer. Well done guys!

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