European entrepreneurship Video Award 2009

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The European entrepreneurship video award 2009The first European Entrepreneurship Video Award has been launched by DG Enterprise and Industry with the objective of showing Europeans that they are the entrepreneurs Europe needs today and in the future. It is also an opportunity to reflect on entrepreneurship and the benefits of an entrepreneurial career.

According to the Commission, the European Entrepreneurship Video Award 2009 builds a unique bridge be­tween two worlds, cinema and business. The challenge is to make creative and original short videos (between one and three minutes) in one of three catego­ries: “The entrepreneurial spirit,” “Innovative Entrepreneurship” and “Respon­sible Entrepreneurship.”

The nine winners (three in each category) will be invited to an awards ceremony on the 6th of May 2009 in Brussels. They will also share the following prizes: €3,000 for first place, €2.000 for second and €1,000 for third.

Students, members of business networks and associations, entrepreneurs and profession­als all are invited to portray their ideas and own experiences in the field of entrepreneurship. The contest therefore offers a unique opportunity to European students, entre­preneurs and creative companies to get together and show their own creative vision of entrepreneurship.

All one needs to do is produce a short video (one to three minutes) in the cat­egory of one’s choice by the 31st of March 2009.

For terms and conditions, news on the jury and Q&A, one can visit:

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