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Climate Change Appeal to Governments - NTM The Prime Minister, Dr Lawrence Gonzi, together with all heads of the EU member states, has received a letter of appeal from the NGOs aiming to increase European commitment to combating climate change.

The appeal has been organised by Climate Action Network-Europe – CAN, part of the 450 strong global NGO network, Climate Action Network International.

On the 28th of January, the European Commission issued a document setting out proposals for the Union’s position on technology and finance issues which will be decided on by the next European Council, on the 19-20th of March. The decision will then constitute the Union’s position at on-going negotiations on climate change within the United Nations. A CAN member for several years, Nature Trust Malta is one of the dozens of NGOs signing this appeal.

Nature Trust Malta’s President, Vincent Attard said that “scientists have often warned the world that there is very little time left in which to take measures necessary to ward off catastrophic climate change. Such changes WOULD have VERY negative ecological, social and economic impacts. Malta, as a EU member state must work for an international consensus to ensure that an ambitious agreement is adopted at the forthcoming UN climate Change conference in Copenhagen in December.”

“Within Malta itself, a comprehensive climate change policy is urgently needed. While Nature Trust Malta welcomes and is actively participating in the present consultation process on the draft national strategy, it regrets the absence of a civil society representative from the Government’s Climate Change Committee. NTM urges that the draft DOCUMENT should also include DETAILED POLICY MEASURES ON the key issues of adaptation. These will help to safeguard our economy in general and agriculture and tourism in particular AGAINST the severe impacts of climate change forecast for the Mediterranean region.”

Nature Trust Malta

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    1. R Enderby says:

      If the EU is really serious about this e.g. “Procrastination is not an option”-President Barroso, then it could tackle carbon emissions instantly by amending Daylight Saving dates to those now enjoyed by Canada and the USA. The USA alone saves over a million carbon emissions with the extra 4 weeks under this scheme.
      It is a complete nonsense that the EU has twice as much “winter” after the shortest day than before it- including virtually the whole of March. This is a nonsense.
      If Canada and the USA save energy and carbon emissions,given their latitudes, then the EU certainly will!

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