Mikiel Anton Vassalli College joins anti-Fascist festival in Rijeka

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Mikiel Anton Vassalli College joins anti-Fascist festival in RijekaRijeka, the principal seaport and the third-largest city in Croatia, recently hosted the EasyTowns II event last month.

EASY TOWNS, an acronym which stands for European Accessible Sustainable Young TOWNS, is a project funded by the European Programme “Europe for Citizens.”

Its launch took place in Malta last November when partners from eleven European cities joined together in the town of Rijeka. There they presented the results achieved in their cities through cultural projects promoting peace and inclusion.

The Mikiel Anton Vassalli (MAV) College Malta School of Music, represented by Ms Rityanne Gauci, administrator at the School and Mr Godfrey Mifsud a Clarinet Performance Teacher at same school, joined the MAV College Principal Mr Victor Galea in Rijeka.Mikiel Anton Vassalli College joins anti-Fascist festival in RijekaThey took part in organised workshops and guided visits in the town of Rijeka – the EU Capital of Culture 2020.

An exhibition of international collections of historical and contemporary independent journals, newsletters, magazines and art books was organised by the host country. These artefacts were related to Fascism and the fears and turmoil it brings with it in the long run.

Mikiel Anton Vassalli College joins anti-Fascist festival in RijekaThe Maltese delegation joined local young amateur choirs in singing partisan songs to celebrate the acquisition of liberty and freedom after the Fascist rule which lead the country into wars.

College Principal Mr Victor Galea, explained how the Visual and Performing Arts Education can play a significant role both in the general education of society but also in the social aspects, particularly where it comes to inclusion and integration.

Following this visit, the MAV College Malta School of Music under the direction of Mr Godfrey Mifsud, took several initiatives related to chamber music where young musicians are performing in several towns around Malta and Gozo to promote inclusion and integration among all individuals irrespective of their backgrounds and beliefs.

Photos: EasyTowns II delegates at the Maritime & History Museum of the Croatian Littoral, Rijeka – a showcase of the character of the people and places, memories and myths, uncovering the identity which represents an unbreakable link of the past and present; and The Maltese delegation from Left to Right – Godfrey Mifsud, Daniela Doubek (host), Bernardette de Cat (Project Leader), Victor Galea (MAV College Principal)and Rityanne Gauci (administrator at Malta School of Music).

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