Rapid Maltese: Earworms Musical Brain Trainer that teaches Maltese

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Rapid Maltese: Earworms Musical Brain Trainer that teaches MalteseEarworms MBT has teamed up with Gozitan author Charles Daniel Saliba and launched Rapid Maltese, a series of ten podcasts that teach Maltese as a foreign language.

The first volume of Rapid Maltese is a survival kit full of essentials for typical situations: taking a taxi, at the hotel, at a restaurant, requesting, polite phrases, finding your way, numbers, dealing with problems, etc.

They explained that each podcast consists of a rhythmical dialogue between a learner and a native speaker, embedded in catchy music.

The specially composed melodies, with their rhythmic repetitions of Maltese and English, help learners to subconsciously acquire a collection of verbs, nouns and connecting words, all while picking up the correct accent.

For learners who are interested in trying the Earworms method, the first track of this volume is available, free of charge, through their website: Track 1 – please click here.

Charles Daniel Saliba, who specialises in teaching Maltese as a foreign language, explained that “after publishing the Maltese for Foreigners book series and Maltese per stranieri book series, many learners of Maltese as a foreign language were continuously asking me for more listening and speaking resources.”

“For this reason, Vanessa Saliba and I worked with Earworms, an international company which, from its inception in 2005, has developed this concept of learning a language though music,” he said.

Saliba added that “this concept has been used for years in the classroom and is very entertaining and helpful for different purposes. These podcasts, which can be downloaded instantly, can be used wherever you are, whatever you are doing.”

“As a language teacher the greatest task for me was always getting all the material that was learned in the classroom, from the page of the text book into the long term memory of my students,” stated Marlon Lodge, founder of Earworms.

He went on to say that “learning through music is relaxing, enjoyable and highly effective. Rapid Maltese is one of the latest additions to the range and we are sure that in combination with Charles Daniel Saliba’s courses, this will be an unsurpassable learning package.”

For more information about Saliba’s publications please visit www.charlesdanielsaliba.com and to purchase Earworms podcasts, please visit, www.earwormslearning.com.

Earworms MBT said that it is offering a 20% discount on all Earworms titles when the coupon code Malta is inserted in their website’s shopping cart.

Earworms podcasts are also available for learners of Arabic, Cantonese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese-European, Portuguese-Latin American, Russian, Spanish-European, Spanish-Latin American and Turkish.

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