MEPA registers a drop in pending caseload

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MEPADuring the month of January 2009, the Malta Environment & Planning Authority (MEPA) decided 477 applications and received 365 new applications. The net pending caseload at the end of the month was 4,572.

Last month, the Authority processed 91 notifications of development, which, according to the Development Notification Order 2007, do not require a formal application.

In January 2009, MEPA issued 16 contraventions to developers on sites that were breaching Construction Site Management Regulations. The highest number of offences related to the lack of hoarding and screening around building sites and inappropriate dust emission control measures. These fines amounted to a total of €15,373.73. Inspectors also issued a total of 21 other contraventions, amounting to €1,222.83, to individuals that were found breaching the Littering Act.

During the same month, 127 Stop and Enforcement notices were issued, 100 in Malta and 27 in Gozo. The enforcement section within MEPA closed 53 cases, 33 in Malta and 20 in Gozo. 17 other enforcement cases were sanctioned by a planning permit while another 29 cases were resolved by the owners’ decision to remove their illegal development and comply with the enforcement notice.

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