Gozo riders take part in a 2-day Motocross Master Class

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Gozo riders take part in a 2-day Motocross Master ClassA two-day intensive programme of training – Motocross Master Classes were held at Ta Xhajma Motocross Track, organised by the Gozo Motocross Association.

Banda Mx is a Ukranian group with MXGP Academy which is affiliated with the International Federation of Motorcycles, FIM.

Nenad Maxim and Dimtry Asmanov, both professional riders, were responsible for the implementation of the classes.

They are both European Champions, however, Asmanov, who is a 22 year old University student, studying engineering in Kiev, has won the European Championship three times.

Both are Masters of sports and the GMA said that their knowledge and technique were evident in their methods of tutoring the riders.Gozo riders take part in a 2-day Motocross Master ClassSaturday’s training lasted six hours, starting at 10am with an intensive physical examination, cardio-respiratory and metabolic conditioning and balance. Then on Sunday the training continued with motocross practice on the track using the riders’ motorbikes.

Maxim explained that motocross is one of the toughest disciplines there is and riders need to be very fit. He said that the sport requires strength and endurance in equal measure for a rider to be able to make it to the chequered flag and continually stressed the importance of physical training and good nutrition.

The GMA said that the participating riders were very satisfied with the quality of the classes. As one rider commented, “it seems that after listening and watching Dimtry, I know nothing about how to handle my motorbike properly on the track.”

At the end of Day 2, GMXP certificates were awarded to the successful candidates. Mr Frank Xuereb, president of the GMA, awarded custom-made plaques to both trainers and thanked them for their dedication and professionalism.

Both parties agreed that there will be more collaborative activities and teamwork between Ukraine and Gozo in future.

Dimtry Asmanov will be starting his journey in the upcoming European Championship 2019, on April the 14th.

To keep up to date with events and information please see the Gozo Motocross Association facebook page.

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