Fund launched with the focus on improving safety in firework factories

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Fund launched with the focus on improving safety in firework factoriesA fund has been launched for the second year running by the Malta Arts Council, which it said, is to focus on improving safety in firework factories that work on a voluntary basis.

This funding programme has an allocation of € 170,000 for 2019. Each firework factory can receive up to € 5,000.

The projects in question must all be of an infrastructural nature. The fund is open to licensed fireworks factories registered as voluntary organisations.

In the case of fireworks factories forming part of band clubs, the band club needs to be registered as a voluntary organisation.

The Malta Arts Council, falls under the Ministry for Justice, Culture and Local Government, and during the launch Minister Owen Bonnici spoke of the importance to keep on strengthening these traditions.

“This firework culture within our islands goes back quite a number of years and nowadays we can say that this forms part of our local cultural heritage,” he said.

The Minister added that “these customs also form an intrinsic part of our identity as Maltese and both locals and foreigners alike eagerly anticipate firework spectacles. As a government, we are committed to keeping on strengthening this sector, especially when it comes to security.”

He explained that “the aim of this fund is so that each firework factory on our islands will have the opportunity to improve its infrastructure, so that its volunteers will have a safe place to work from, both during manufacture and during the lighting up of the fireworks.”

It also serves to invest in resources that will help them to improve the quality of the local pyrotechnic product when it comes to security, said the Minister.

The Malta Arts Council is also organising a First Aid Course in collaboration with the Malta Red Cross.

The Minister said that for the firework factories to receive their funds, applicants are obliged to nominate a member of their respective firework factory to attend this course. “Whoever doesn’t attend will not be eligible for funds.”

Applications must be submitted by hand at the Malta Arts Council by no later than the 14th of April until 12.00 pm.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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