KSU “petitions BirdLife Malta to rid itself of its extremists”

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KSU "petitions BirdLife Malta to rid itself of its extremists"Kaccaturi San Ubertu KSU in a statement has referred to the recent statement by Birdlife Malta on the spring hunting season.

KSU stated that it “petitions Birdlife Malta to rid itself of its extremists if indeed it expects the respect of the Maltese public and the Maltese authorities ”

KSU said that “in a democracy the will of the majority is respected.” It went on to accuse BirdLife of “repeatedly ignoring a clear win by the majority to retain spring hunting and persist in their crusade to ban it.”

KSU pointed out that spring hunting under derogation has been ruled possible by the European Courts of Justice “as a means for an aspect of Maltese culture to continue.”

“Birdlife Malta’s definition of retaining a hunting culture is that this only occurs because Governments win votes by ensuring hunters’ rights and privileges,” argued KSU.

It went on to say that it considers “Birdlife Malta’s extremism as being unacceptable in a democracy and their participation in any hunting decision process as unacceptable.”

“The harm to Malta and its government done by their repeated damaging actions is good enough reason for their demands to be ignored unless any Government is prepared to support extremists,” concluded the KSU.

Photograph: Kaccaturi San Ubertu

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    1. just an expat says:

      Of course there are no extremists in the hunting organisations. Every member is an upstanding, law abiding, reasonable member of society who wishes only to perpetuate his countries traditions in a legal and proper manner. I am sure these same people would agree, because they are sensible and reasonable, that to shoot birds during the breeding season is total madness if they wish to be able to continue their tradition. No spring breeding = no new stock of birds for the autumn season – or did I miss something?

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