AGEM’s point of view on Gozo tunnel is being “utterly misinterpreted”

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AGEM's point of view on Gozo tunnel is being "utterly misinterpreted."The Association of Gozitan Employees in Malta, has said that its point of view on the proposed Gozo tunnel, is being “utterly misinterpreted.”

The AGEM said that it accepts the government’s proposal of the construction of a permanent link, “however, we believe that the best long-term solution is that the same permanent link allows for a potential metro transit in the future, which would form part of a network on the mainland.”

The Association said that its objective has been and will remain, “to be the voice of thousands of Gozitan employees in Malta that everyday face a number of obstacles and barriers to a smooth transit to their work place and back home.”

It said that many commuters make use of collective modes transport whereby they procure services of minivans. “The cost for this is approximately €1,300 p/a (€5 daily, not per use, since one pays for the seat and not the ride), while the journey is more or less 3.5 to 4 hours a day.”

The Association, said that it has since its first year of existence lobbied and proposed ideas to the government. “In this year’s budget, for the first time, a number of new subsidies has been introduced such as the €600 annual grant to those opting for collective transport.”

It argued that it has also had an active role in the studies for the Park and Ride System as proposed by the Ministry for Gozo.

AGEM concluded that it is “continuing to propose ideas and working with the government on other possible measures that can alleviate some of the employees’ hardships.”

The Association took part in Monday’s tunnel debate, organised by Wirt Ghawdex, and thanked the NGO for the invitation and chance to participate.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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