Gozo may switch to using electric vehicles, suggests Prime Minister

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Gozo may switch to using electric vehicles, suggests Prime MinisterA cabinet meeting was held today at the Salina Nature Reserve, where plans were revealed focusing on the future of the environment and sustainability sectors.

During the meeting Prime Minister Joseph Muscat suggested that Gozo could switch completely from conventional vehicles to those powered by electric.

Speaking about the gradual change from conventional car engines to electric, Dr Muscat said, “we do not want to fall behind, in fact we should be among the leaders of the European Union countries to carry out this big step.”

He explained that to check that this idea is feasible there must be a “healthy thinking process, with both internal and external consultations.”

He mentioned the ongoing discussions with the Minister for Energy and Water Management to develop incentives for purchasing electric cars and for those who charge the vehicle in their own personal garage. This would serve as a viable recognition for those who have invested to help cut down emissions, he said.

Dr Muscat reiterated the fact that the Government had announced it will give free public transport for travel through the Malta-Gozo tunnel. “Eventually, public transport must be totally free for everyone,” he said.

The Prime Minister concluded by saying that, after completion of the shift from oil to gas in the energy sector, it is now addressing pollution from traffic.

Photograph: DOI/Reuben Piscopo

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    2 Responses

    1. anthony zammit says:

      It is an excellent idea and I will be one of the first to switch if I can afford it. The Prime Minister has to also look at parking spaces and suggest to people to get small size cars. Also we have to think about motorbikes. Many people will use electric motorbikes which are covered just like a one person car. That will be a great solution for parking space.

    2. Lino DeBono says:

      This suggestion is more than unbelievable. One has to be very – very – very well financed to be able to afford Electrical Cars. Their costs is simply out of reach for normal human beings.
      Maybe it was a wish for Gozo to be a First in something finally..

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