New rights will “revolutionise” families in their daily challenges – Casa

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New rights will "revolutionise" families in their daily challenges - CasaFamilies will now be able to spend more time together with the introduction of new rights through the Work Life Balance Directive, said David Casa, the PN’s Head of Delegation in the European Parliament.

He was addressing a meeting organised by the European Information Office in Malta on the new Work Life Balance Directive.

Casa explained how the new rights will “revolutionise” the way families address their daily challenge: finding a balance between their work duties and family life.

“Our role in the European Parliament is to make sure that Maltese and Gozitan citizens are positively affected by laws discussed, debated and approved within European institutions,” said Casa. “Throughout the negotiations on this new Directive, I have always kept the interests of the Maltese families and businesses in mind, and I believe that the end result reflects this.”

“I constantly meet young couples who plan on getting married and having children, but are daunted by challenges parents face today. We need to ensure that the rights of parents increase, while also providing the tools for women to reach their full potential in the workplace.

“This law will be good for women, good for families, good for the economy and good for business,” stated David Casa, who spearheaded this new Directive as the Rapporteur for the European Parliament.

The MEP argued that businesses should be protected from the costs that this directive will create in order to ensure they are not stifled in the short term.

“The state should view these rights as social services and a direct investment in Maltese and Gozitan families. SMEs form the backbone of our economy and their operations must not be hindered,” Casa insisted.

The new Work Life Balance Directive will include the following:

10-day paternity leave remunerated at not less than the national sick pay level;

4 months of parental leave of which 2 months will be paid and non-transferable,

5-day annual carer’s leave for those who need to take care of relatives; and

the right to request flexible working arrangements.

MEP Casa thanked the representatives of unions, employers and all stakeholders that he was in contact with throughout the negotiations. Governments of the EU’s Member States have now approved this Directive, and a similar vote should follow at the European Parliament early next month.

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