Repubblika – New NGO “promoting democracy and rule of law in Malta”

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Repubblika - New NGO "promoting democracy and rule of law in Malta"

Left to Right: Sammi Davis, Secretary General Dr Robert Aquilina, President Marion Pace Asciaq, Treasurer Paula Fleri-Soler, Simon Sansone

‘Repubblika,’ a new non-governmental organisation, was formally launched on Friday evening by forty people “from all walks of life,” with the aim of “promoting democracy and the rule of law in Malta.”

In a statement, Repubblika said that its founding members approved the organisation’s statute, which is now published on Repubblika’s facebook page.

The election of the first executive committee for Repubblika was approved by members, which will be chaired by President Marion Pace Asciaq, with Dr Robert Aquilina as Secretary General and Paula Fleri-Soler is Treasurer.

Repubblika said that it has been set up to “promote civil rights, democratic life, the rule of law, free speech, personal freedoms, social inclusion, environmental conservation, economic sustainability and equality of access, by means of active participation in the national discourse and related educational, social and charitable initiatives.”

Repubblika will now apply for registration with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations and in the Register for Legal Persons as required at law.

Repubblika concluded by saying that anyone wishing to join, “are invited to do so by visiting the Facebook page.”

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