Over one tonne of camping related equipment cleared off Comino

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Over one tonne of camping related equipment cleared off CominoThe Environment Resource Authority’s Compliance and Enforcement Directorate has taken action on Santa Marija Bay Area in Comino – a Special Area of Conservation – to clean the debris associated with camping activities, and also halted camping activities in this area.

In a statement the ERA said that over one tonne of material ranging from tents, poles, crockery and bedding, to tanks and sinks was collected and transported to Gozo by means of licensed waste carriers and adequately disposed of.

“These activities adversely impact on the integrity of this Special Area of Conservation, and were not covered by the required ERA permits,” it said.

“The halting of camping activities in the Santa Marija Bay area and its eventual reinstatement is in line with the approved Management Plan for Comino and its surrounding islets,” it said.

ERA’s Compliance and Enforcement Directorate said that it intervened directly noting that the perpetrator remained unknown throughout the investigations, and also took action to clean Santa Marija Bay.

All camping related equipment and litter that was present on site was dismantled and taken away. The ERA added that fire-pits present in the area were also dismantled.

The ERA concluded by saying that this action was taken following the issuance of a stop and compliance order on December 2018 for unpermitted camping and barbecuing activities.

Earlier this month it was announced that work work was to begin on Comino in the area known as Tal-Ful, so that by summer this area will start being used for camping purposes.

The Enviroment Ministry had said that the work is being carried out as part of the implementation of the Management Plan for `Comino and the surrounding islands’ prepared by the ERA.

The prepared site will be operated and managed by Ambjent Malta, “with camping on Comino only to be permitted in this particular area, and works should be completed by May this year,” the Ministry said.


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    3 Responses

    1. Revel Barker says:

      so a ton of debris was left on Comino by campers – and as a result of their previous activity, the govt is going to give campers a permanent right to camp there.
      Have I understood that correctly?

    2. George Palmer says:

      Some people are filthy and disgusting with their habits. Camping on Comino should be banned altogether because it’s pretty evident the same people will trash the island again.

    3. d n mossop says:

      Why don’t they leave Comino alone ,they have already ruined Malta, Gozo is fast following where will it end.

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