Launch of a new Citizens’ App: Europe in the palm of your hand

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Launch of a Citizens' App: Europe in the palm of your handEurope in the palm of your hand – is a new mobile application is now available, designed by the European Parliament to help citizens discover what the EU has done, is doing and plans to do.

The Citizens’ App enables everyone, everywhere to check the EU’s achievements, ongoing work, and future goals as well as explaining what the European Parliament’s does.

It can find different initiatives of interest by topic and location and provides updates on their progress. It is searchable, shareable, can be personalised and is available in twenty-four languages.

It can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

The European Parliament said that the Citizens’ App helps you to: see what the European Union has done, is doing and plans to do for its citizens; find out about events; discover local and national initiatives on 20 different themes/topics; access multimedia content such as videos, podcasts and slideshows; search and filter lists and see search results displayed on a map.

By tailoring it to personal interests, it also allows you to: add events of interest to a personal calendar; bookmark initiatives; rate initiatives using the feedback tool; receive notifications about the issues that matter to you; share initiatives on social media or via email or text; display results in the EU language of your choice; access personal data and choose what to do with the account; keep the same account settings across all devices.

It also allows easy access to data on the ‘What Europe Does For Me’ website, designed to show the EU’s impact on citizens in local areas across the continent.

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