Gozitan 5 present €1805 to the OASI Foundation of Gozo

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Gozitan 5 present €1805 to the OASI Foundation of GozoThe OASI Foundation has been presented with the sum of €1805 by representatives of the Gozitan 5, which had been collected through their fundraising efforts as part of their plan to run the New York Marathon last November.

The presentation was made this week in Gozo to Noel Vella, Director of the OASI Foundation.

The team members are Miriam Camilleri, Jolene Debattista, Charla Pia, Agnes Mizzi and Felicienne Mercieca.

Jolene Debattista, Charla Pia and Felicienne Mercieca, participated in, and completed the marathon

The team’s aim in entering the marathon was to raise funds (USD 6000) for – Aktiv Against Cancer. The mission of the charity is to work to ensure that physical activity becomes an integral part of cancer treatment.

Having reached that amount, the Gozitan 5, donated the remaining funds raised to local NGO, the OASI Foundation.

The Foundation thanked them for their generous donation and for their efforts to promote sport, “which we believe contributes greatly to a healthy lifestyle.”

The Gozitan 5 thanked everyone that believed in them and helped them achieve their goals.

Photograph: Gozitan 5/OASI Foundation

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    1. Peter Magro says:

      Well done Agnes; keep on running ; we need more people like you

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