Interactive white board at Gharb Primary School

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Interactive white board for Gharb Primary SchoolThe Gharb Primary School is one of the first schools in Gozo to have an interactive white board in one of its classes. This was possible after work carried out on an initiative of the Mayor David Apap who applied under the ‘Community Initiative Scheme’ offered by the HSBC so that the school will have this board and other related software.

Interactive white boards in Gozo are found in secondary schools and in the Victoria Primary School which was given one of these boards as a pilot school. The facilities offered by this board are many and some of these include writing with a special pen directly on the board, dragging objects on screen and a lot more. All of which aims to attract the children’s attention thus helping them during their tuition.

The Board was presented by the Manager of the HSBC branch in Gozo Mr Richard Mercieca and Mr David Apap to the school headmistress Ms Monica Tabone during a ceremony held recently.

During this ceremony a presentation showing how the board works and the advantages which will be enjoyed by the students making use of it were highlighted.

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