Choose the ideal Christmas present with a Gozo SPCA sponsorship

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Choose the ideal Christmas present with a Gozo SPCA sponsorshipIf you are still looking for Christmas presents, then please think about choosing one that will also help the animals at Gozo SPCA in Victoria.

A sponsorship scheme is available for their animals at the Rehoming Centre, who live both inside and out, such as the resident cat colony.

This would be an ideal gift for someone who loves animals, but for whatever reason, are not able to have their own.

Another way to help the animals is by purchasing a membership for Gozo SPCA. The Annual Subscription Rate is €9.00 for Single Membership, €12.00 for Family membership and €108.00 per person for Life Membership.

Members can be of any age – from young to old. Full details on how to become a member can be found here.

There are many reasons why the animals will be spending their Christmas at the Gozo SPA Rehoming Centre. Some have been abandoned, others cruelly neglected and some are there because of changes within their normal home environment.

However, never a day goes by – Christmas Day included – when they not all loved and cared for, as well in some cases, nursed back to health, by the volunteers at the Centre.

So if you are still searching for a present that is different, then please think of the animals this Christmas, it will be the perfect gift for your loved ones and the perfect gift for one of the animals at the Centre.

For a minimum donation of €30 (or more) per year, you can sponsor one of the animals at the Gozo SPCA Rehoming Centre

Gozo SPCA will send you a photograph of your sponsored animal, as well as details of how it came to be with them..

You will also get a certificate of sponsorship and regular updates on the progress of your sponsored animal.

The donation will go towards the feeding, upkeep and veterinary care of the animal you have sponsored. It will also provide toys and treats which help improve their quality of life.

Should your sponsored animal be lucky enough to be re-homed, then the Gozo SPCA will transfer your sponsorship to another deserving animal of your choice.

For a sponsorship application form just click on this link and make somebody very happy this Christmas.

Photo: Two of the small breed dogs currently at the Centre – Freddie, is 1 year old, and the female, Pupa, is about 6 years old

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