AD asks Ombudsman to investigate Gozo tunnel project

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AD asks Ombudsman to investigate Gozo tunnel projectThe Ombudsman has been asked by AD to investigate the way that the Gozo tunnel project is being administered, AD Chairperson Carmel Cacopardo said today.

In a statement AD said, “Minister Ian Borg has said that tenders will be issued when important studies, particularly the Environmental Impact Assessment is still pending.”

“The Minister’s declaration is a clear sign of a lack of good governance. It conveys the message that the EIA process is considered by the government to be irrelevant,” concluded Carmel Cacopardo.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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    2 Responses

    1. Anthony Zammit says:

      Many years ago when I was just a boy, I and most of the Gozitans were asked if they would like to have a bridge. This was in Mintoff’s time. The majority said ‘No’. Again many surveys are mentioned now for a tunnel, surveys inconsistent by a big margin of %. I feel that one has to make a good Environmental Impact Assessment which is still pending. I want to know what will be done for the excess cars which will come to Gozo for a drive. People from Rabat, Xaghra and other touristic sites will move to other quieter towns if any will be left to move to. Property in Rabat will go down in value! What will happen to the parking space? Are there enough buses to take the extra commuters?

      After this study is done, then present it to the Gozitans and ask them if they want the tunnel or not. But give them a clear picture first.

      I am not saying that a tunnel is not good but we cannot just build a tunnel but also restructure the whole of Gozo to withstand for the massive influx of Maltese using the tunnel both with private cars and public transport. Before asking for a veto from the Gozitans they have to be shown how ‘After the tunnel life’ will be like in Gozo.
      Thank you

    2. Arthur Harold says:

      Anthony although in the embryo stages and people thinking about different things I do not think for one moment there will be any bus transport. The buses will come over from Malta. Why would buses from Gozo go to Malta. There will need to be a revision on how the bus service will operate. I cannot believe there will be a passenger tariff, just a cost for the vehicle. How could you count the passengers without causing huge delays at the toll. ? Lots of things for the government to discuss with the contractor who wins the bid for running the service !

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