Gozo tunnel international call for tender being issued in 6 months time

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Gozo tunnel international call for proposals being issued in 6 months timeAn International call for tender for construction of a Malta-Gozo tunnel will be issued in 6 months time.

This was announced by Transport Minister Ian Borg during a special Cabinet meeting being held today at the Transport Malta Centre. He explained that environmental studies are also being done

He said that a tender for project management was issued some months ago, a geological model for the proposed tunned was also complete.

Minister Borg said that the tunnel between Malta and Gozo which, for a very long time, was a dream, is now becoming a reality.

He reminded those present that the call for offers were published a few weeks ago for companies interested in offering professional services for project management and the supervision of construction work, as well as services of architects and engineers which Infrastructure Malta needs to implement the final planning and construction of this project which is essential for the Maltese Islands.

Borg described this project as one “which will transform the lives of Gozitans by facilitating the way in which they can travel between the two islands, a project which also means new employment opportunities and economic growth in Gozo, such as in the service and tourism sectors.”

He concluded by saying that, “the dream of a permanent connection between Malta and Gozo as a quicker and safer alternative to travelling by sea has been around for a long time. The development of this permanent connection is among the Government’s main promises.”

In July, an open consultation was launched for the public towards the preparation of an EIA report on the Malta- Gozo tunnel, by the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change.

The Ministry noted at the time that the proposed tunnel project involves the excavation and construction of a bored single-tube tunnel for vehicles, connecting Malta and Gozo with a Malta-side tunnel portal at L-Imbordin and a Gozo-side tunnel portal on the west of Nadur.

“It is intended that the tunnel will have two lanes, one in each direction, width of 3.25m to 3.50m, a central buffer area in between with a width of approx. 1.00m, and a 1.00m wide shoulder on both sides of the carriageway.”

The Ministry also said that the tunnel structure itself will be constructed with concrete segments and include infrastructural systems for ventilation, illumination, water drainage and pumping, etc.

It added that the tunnel portals will comprise of concrete structures as well, connecting the rock tunnel and the surface.

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    4 Responses

    1. Revel Barker says:

      One lane in each direction, so stuck behind a truck in a tunnel for 22 miles.
      What fun.
      And if there’s an accident…?

    2. Ray says:

      Has anyone of authority actually said how foot passenger commuters will be travelling via the tunnel?
      There are currently thousands of foot passengers every week on the ferries so are they now going to have to get to Nadur first, then get a bus through the tunnel, which will probably take up to an hour for 22 miles, then get there normal Malta transport to pick them up from the new terminal!
      Presumably all the coaches which currently stay on the Malta side will come through and cause even more congestion in Gozo!

    3. Nigel Baker says:

      Whenever I hear the church bells ringing, I now associate them with the death knell for Gozo.

    4. Dietmar Treptow says:

      This project is HALF-BAKED .
      The biggest mistake you can make !
      Not one reason is justified .

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