Over €9,000 raised at MIA’s Lost, Found and Auctioned event

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Over €9,000 raised at MIA's Lost, Found and Auctioned eventOver €9,000 was raised at the Malta International Airport’s annual Lost, Found and Auctioned event, where one man’s unclaimed lost luggage becomes another man’s treasure.

Now in its eighth year MIA’s charity auction saw everything from toasters to Mac Books going under the hammer of radio-host-turned-auctioneer-for-the-night, Frank Zammit.

Pieces of mystery luggage garnered the most interest, which are unclaimed suitcases jam-packed with mystery items ranging from wines and chocolates, to sunglasses and Christmas decorations.

MIA said that bidding for the highest-selling piece started off at €40 and reached the incredible final figure of €700.

The 78 items put up for auction fetched a total sum of €9,365, which this year will be donated to the Richmond Foundation.

The Richmond Foundation is a non-governmental organisation, which provides optimal community mental health services that promote mental wellbeing, address the prevention of mental health problems and provide support for good quality of life.

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