“Just like 82% of Gozitans,” GUG is also in favour of Malta-Gozo tunnel

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"Just like 82% of Gozitans," GUG is in favour of Malta-Gozo tunnelThe Gozo University Group has said that last month a representative from the organisation attended a meeting regarding the proposed Malta – Gozo tunnel project.

In a statement the GUG said, “just like the 82% of the Gozitan population, the organisation is in favour of the tunnel project and believes that it would be beneficial to all Gozitans who travel to work and study on the mother island and also for the economy of the Gozitan island to flourish.”

“Following several studies, it is proposed that the tunnel’s portal in Malta will be situated in the vicinity of Saint Paul’s Bay bypass, with the one in Gozo to be situated in Nadur, in the vicinity of the Kenuna tower,” the organisation said.

According to the GUG, “Environmental Impact Studies studies have already commenced and a simulation model is being prepared, as well as a conceptual design for the tunnel project.”

“The EIA study will show how junctions in the vicinity will be affected in terms of traffic flow and air quality,” it added.

Further studies are still to be carried out, the GUG said. “These include geology, the precise portal areas, as well as what is to be done with the construction waste.”

The organisation said that “the construction stage of the project will commence as soon as the ongoing studies, as well as permitting and procurement processes are concluded, in the coming years.”

The GUG concluded by saying that it has “always shown its beliefs on the idea of having a tunnel between the islands. This is the first step in making Gozo more accessible and Malta less of a pain to get to.”

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    7 Responses

    1. Ray says:

      It would be interesting to see what the percentage in favour of a tunnel would be if a referendum was taken of everyone living in Gozo and not what was probably a question just to commuters to ensure it was a yes!
      As for students for the numbers involved it would be cheaper to have a branch of the university here than build a tunnel.

      • Anthony Zammit says:

        Totally agree with you. As soon as I saw 82% in favour of the tunnel, I got very suspicious. And I ask, which survey are they assessing? A referendum is too expensive. I am sure there could be a cheaper and a surer way to get the true statistics. But why exclude the main island? The tunnel is going to emanate from Malta, but not just that, I am sure that the majority of the people living on Malta agree to leave Gozo as is They like to have a place to cross to, which is not Malta but ‘overseas’.

    2. tamworth terry says:

      82% in favor,I dont think so , I have yet to meet one in favor or have even been asked in Gozo.

    3. Antoine says:

      isn’t a social study still missing – even though promised?!

    4. John Zammit says:

      82% is all rubbish and propaganda! I have been living in Gozo for over six years now and I prefer Gozo without a tunnel. All that is needed is a fast ferry service and a fourth Gozo ferry ship with good timing with the busses.

      • anthony zammit says:

        Would a tunnel benefit Gozo?

        No (48%, 5,096 Votes)
        Yes (48%, 5,094 Votes)
        Not sure (5%, 523 Votes)
        Total Voters: 10,713

        This is at the end of the page of Gozonews

    5. just an expat says:

      it seems to me from the comments and the Gozo news survey that there is not a clear majority for or against – bit like Brexit really………… Surely under the circumstances it is best to leave things as they are and look to improve the already excellent ferry service – it would cost less and be effective much quicker. Personally I want Gozo to remain as it is – unique – not totally ruined by becoming an annexe of Malta

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