Comino takes centre stage in new Malta Airport Foundation video

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Comino takes centre stage in Malta Airport Foundation video‘Comino: A Secret Paradise – is the Malta Airport Foundation’s latest documentary project, which was officially launched this morning at a cinema screening attended by several distinguished guests and students from St Monica School.

The crystal-clear waters and intricate geological features of Malta’s sister island, Comino take centre stage in the documentary, which is the second collaboration between the Malta Airport Foundation and Monolith Productions.

MIA said that Comino, spanning just over 3.5km of land, is sought out by tourists in search of a remote island paradise during the summer months but, as this documentary seeks to highlight, the island’s treasures go beyond the sandy beach and clear waters which initially meet the eye.

There are naturally formed caves, arches and tunnels surrounding the island, leading divers to underwater treasure troves and shipwrecks, whilst providing the perfect habitats for a vast array of marine species.

The diverse marine life and stunning geomorphology harboured by Comino’s waters led the tiny island to be included in Malta’s North-East Marine Protected Area.

Malta Airport Foundation’s Chairperson, Mr Fredrick Mifsud Bonnici, said, “while Comino is undisputedly beautiful above ground, below the surface it is even more so, as this documentary perfectly portrays.”

“The Foundation took on this project to bring Malta’s underwater world to light, taking us a step closer to reaching our primary goal – to raise awareness about Malta’s rich heritage and the diverse environment around us, and to safeguard them for our future generations,” added Mr Mifsud Bonnici.

Minister for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, José Herrera, while addressing those present at the launch, applauded the Malta Airport Foundation for dedicating funds to environmental initiatives.

He went on to highlight that projects such as the Comino documentary entail a lot of research, which in turn provides invaluable data and knowledge that enable the relevant stakeholders to better protect marine biodiversity.

Professor Alan Deidun, the documentary’s executive producer, thanked the Malta Airport Foundation for its support in making a second underwater documentary.

He also expressed the hope that this project will reach the general public, making one and all aware of the very important role the sea plays in everyday life and contributing to better levels of ocean literacy.

The documentary, will be made widely available via TV features and online platforms, allowing as many people as possible to experience this deep dive into Comino’s picturesque waters and their abundant biodiversity.

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