Ghajn Qatet Street is nearly finished, but pavement and signs are needed

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Ghajn Qatet Street is nearly finished, but pavement and signs are needed“It gives me great pride to honour in thanks, our Gozo Minister Justyne Caruana for all the great work she is accomplishing. I live on Ghajn Qatet Street and I am very swollen with pride now that most of the work is finished.

I now urge the many dog walkers to make sure their dogs do not urinate at my garage door or anyone else’s in that matter! And of course to pick up their droppings. At the same time I urge the neighbours to keep vigilant and report failings by dog owners.

I implore whoever does the sidewalks, being the Ministry, the Local Council or at the Cajselli to make the side walk on Ghajn Qatet facing directly to Wistin Camilleri Street.

The side walk is flat with the road, and cars park on it obstructing even a single walker to walk safely to his or her destination.

I see many elderly people with walking sticks and without, who leave the hospital, or are walking to the hospital or the Bus Stop and they have to leave the safety of the sidewalk because car owners decided to block their path way. I beg the competent authority to not let this go by any longer. Thank you.

We also have a ballet school, and I asked the person in charge of the work on the road signs, to make a sign or write SLOW so that drivers will go through the many houses and garages on 10 to 25kph envisaging ballet kids running out to the road, residents walking out their door, and cars backing out of their garages onto which was previously a frontage road or a non feeder road, and is now a one way road.

All I am asking for is a SLOW sign which in fact was promised by the person in charge, or make a sleeping policeman at the beginning of the said stretch of road.”

Anthony Zammit,


Photographs by Anthony Zammit

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    1. tamworth Terry says:

      The paving stones around the Bus stop at the rear of the Hospital are a disgrace and should be replaced before any one else trips on them

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