Gozo constituency office opened in Gharb by MEP Roberta Metsola

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Gozo constituency office opened in Gharb by MEP Roberta MetsolaMEP Roberta Metsola has opened a permanent constituency base in Gharb, Gozo to enable her to meet constituents regularly on the island.

In a statement, the MEP said, “since the first week I was elected to represent the people of Malta and Gozo in the European Parliament, I have always made a point to spend time in every part of the country, listening, learning, debating and bringing EU decision-making closer to the people in affects.”

Metsola said that, “we need to continue to push forward the idea of Gozo as a region – with distinct needs and characteristics.”

“I have visited Gozo practically weekly or fortnightly for years visiting people in their homes, schools and workplaces. This has meant that I am able to understand better what people want from their representatives in the European Parliament and how best to address their concerns with Europe,” said the MEP.

She added, “in Malta, I am able to meet people in my office in the heart of Hamrun – but having a permanent base now in Gharb means I am able to offer the same service to my constituents in Gozo.”

“It means having a place for Gozo-based businesses to meet me and enables me to have constituency meetings, hold appointments and continue to listen to what people have to say,” said the MEP.

She argued that, “this Government has ignored the needs of the people of Gozo. Workers still find it increasingly difficult to cross to Malta every day; students are faced with skyrocketing rent prices; businesses have seen little to address the double insularity they face.”

“Gozo cannot be left static, we need to attract new investment to the island, push its regional agenda forward and create new opportunities here,” said MEP Metsola.

For an appointment to meet MEP Metsola, please call or send an SMS on 99240514, email on info@robertametsola.eu or make contact through her Facebook page.

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