Prime Minister opens Noovle’s new offices in Gozo

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Prime Minister opens Noovle's new offices in Gozo“Gozo is becoming the place to do business smartly,” said Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, during the opening of Noovle’s new offices, “a new investment in Gozo.”

Noovle is a Google Cloud Premium Partner offering Google Cloud initiatives, machine learning and blockchain solutions to its clients.

It is the first company approved by Malta Enterprise to be housed in the new Gozo Innovation Hub which is being developed by Malta Industrial Parks at the former MDP plant.

The Prime Minister lauded the fact that “Gozo has become the place to do business smartly, a sheer difference from what has been the norm before, when such occasions would be labelled as more ‘remarkable’ due to their rare occurrence.”

It will see the creation of a research centre to support the technological development of Malta and of the companies with regard to cloud, hybrid cloud, machine learning and blockchain and ICO processes. The expected investment is of €650,000, the Prime Minister said.

He explained that the network and portfolio which Noovle bring with them is also impressive as it represents big firms across Italy, from Barilla, Ferrero, Sapienza (Università di Roma), Sky, Eni, Fiat, and others.

Dr Muscat said that this investment “fits four-square into Malta’s vision of taking Malta and Gozo to the next level and becoming the islands of innovation, where ideas are born, tried, tested and then shared globally.”

He went on to say that, “what we are offering is a big space for creatives and researchers from all spheres and industries – a place to come together to work independently, side by side.”

Prime Minister Muscat encouraged Noovle to use small Maltese and Gozitan companies as “sandboxes and utilise our local talent as drivers, whilst helping Maltese and Gozitan students to improve their professional skills.”

“We want to attract new entrepreneurs and start-ups. We want investors using your products – Google Cloud infrastructure, blockchain and other services,” said Dr Muscat.

“Blockchain is just the start of a longer chain that will attract more companies in artificial intelligence, the internet of things, cloud computing and other new tech industries,” said the Prime Minister.

He added, “our industries, from pharmaceutical companies to currency printers, with their secure facilities, as well as educational institutions, local and international, can benefit from your services.”

Ministers Chris Cardona, Justyne Caruana and Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Schembri were also in attendance for the opening..

Photograph: DOI/Omar Camilleri

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    1 Response

    1. Lino DeBono says:

      Well done Prime Minister and Labour Government. These are the kind of projects that are good, adaptable for Gozo rural way of life. Also we can start to stop the brain drain that Gozo have been suffering in having in present and yesteryear’s.

      I also do entice the Government to see the possibility of introducing Pharmaceutical Industries to Gozo.

      Both these kind of projects do enhance the Gozitan Rural aspect and way of life.

      Well done Prime Minister – Well done Minister Justyne Caruana. .

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