World Children’s Day celebrated in Gozo through Reza Visual Academy

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World Children's Day celebrated in Gozo through Reza Visual AcademyMore than 100 students aged 10 and 11 attending Gozo Eco-Schools gathered at the Gozo Sports Complex to celebrate World Children’s Day.

The activity was aimed at creating awareness that all children around the world have a right to education, health care, food and clean water among others. The United Nations is aiming to achieve this by 2030 through the Sustainable Development Goals.

A set of forty photos shot by children in refugee camps in Kurdistan, who were trained by National Geographic photographer poet and humanitarian Reza Deghati – Reza Visual Academy through a project: Exile Voices, were made available by the Malta Arts Festival.

These photos provided the ideal setup for workshops, during which small groups of students were each presented one of the photos without initially knowing who the photographer was, nor the setting in which the photos were taken.

The students then discussed the content of each photograph. Consequently the identity of the child who took the photos and the camp they were staying in were revealed.

Students were also introduced to different issues related to the refugee crisis around the world – resulting from war, different religious beliefs, climate and natural disasters among others.

They explored the reality of what it means to live in a refugee camp, what toys are available, the creativity of refugee children, and most of all, the importance to be happy with what one has and not to take things for granted, as well as taking care of oneself and others.

Following the workshops students had the chance to go around and look at all the photos. Accompanying educators guided the students further to maximise the educational benefit of the exhibited photos as a global learning tool.

To conclude the event, the students participated in a percussion session led by Mr Leigh Holmes using only plastic bottles filled with small items as shakers. The idea was for the children to enjoy themselves practically using waste items.

The event was organised by the Ministry for Gozo in collaboration with Nature Trust – FEE Malta, with the workshop sessions being coordinated by the Eco-Schools Team.

The organised gave thanks to Mr Charles Mifsud for making this possible.

Photographs: MGOZ/Terry Camilleri

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