Turtle release launches Nature Trust’s Plastic Litter Campaign

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Plastic Litter Campaign launch with the release of three turtlesThree turtles were released today from Gnejna Bay by Nature Trust – FEE Malta, as part of its campaign to raise awareness on the problems of plastics in our seas and oceans.

As part of the launch, an educational event was organised on one of Malta’s stunning coastal sites by NTM together with the HSBC Malta Foundation.

12 schools are taking part in the Young Reporters for the Environment programme under the Litter Less Campaign, a number of other countries are also participating under the YRE Education for Sustainable Development programme.

Over 130 students took part this morning in a clean-up activity, workshops, investigative photography and a turtle release.Turtle release launches Nature Trust's Plastic Litter Campaign Students were provided with information on the situation regarding marine litter and during the clean-up, they investigated waste hidden in the sand using strainers.

Three loggerhead turtles, named Gabriel, Victoria and Stef, were released following their rehabilitation through the help of volunteers at the Nature Trust Wildlife Rescue section at San Lucjan Centre.

Nature Trust said that these turtles had suffered plastic or marine debris ingestion, with Stef in particular found entangled in a net of which she had also ingested part. This had to be removed by a surgical procedure carried out by the Wildlife Rescue Vet Dr A. Gruppetta.

The aim of today’s event by the NGO was to raise awareness on the harm done by plastics in the marine environment, especially since such debris is also affecting human health.Turtle release launches Nature Trust's Plastic Litter Campaign Students were able to understand the enormity of the problem and what each had to do to mitigate its impact, NTM said.

Nature Trust FEE Malta said that it will be carrying on with this campaign throughout 2019, through its educational and conservation campaigns.

It will also be coordinating with other Blue Flag operators around the Mediterranean and the Black Sea during July 2019 for a regional clean- up campaign.

Photographs from today by Nature Trust FEE Malta

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