Harsh penalties needed for illegal killing of flamingos and other species

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Harsh penalties needed for illegal killing of flamingos and other species“I was saddened to read the news report in The Gozo News: Flamingos shot as they fly out of Ghadira Nature Reserve –BLM. It is tragic that anyone would want to shoot and kill one any of these beautiful (and legally protected birds).

It was a total tragedy. It didn’t benefit the shooter, and it is a loss to our world to have beautiful wildlife killed due to some arrogant person’s temperament and illegal actions.

A similar problem is happening here in parts of America. In several U.S. States, including Utah and others, “poachers” (as these criminals are called) sometimes hunt deer, elk, moose or a variety of other species out-of-their-designated hunting-time season.

That action is bad enough. However recently in Utah, ruthless poachers have shot and killed ‘mule deer’ and left the whole carcass to rot and waste. Some of those stupid individuals kill to harvest the antlers on the underground or “black market.”

However, the most recent poachers left the antlers and the meat (which could have fed some hungry human) was left to simply rot on the ground. The act was despicable, in addition to being very illegal.

I wish poachers would be caught and more than fined monetarily. The culprits need to face HARSH prison time, and lose many of their other privileges “for life” to atone for such grievous sins.

No matter what the punishment is, it won’t bring the dead flamingo or pelican or pheasant bird or mule deer or elk back to life.

In Africa, such criminals prey on rhinos and elephants. People worldwide need to “voice” a LOUDER OUTCRY. Penalties need to be harsh —very harsh — to deter such crimes. If the crimes get much worse or are terrible egregious, I would almost advocate the “death penalty” for the human offenders who have done immense amounts of illegal animal killings.

These crimes need to stop. And stop….SOON !!! We must protect flamingos and other species, so they can be seen and appreciated by future generations.

Additionally, they are one of Almighty God’s creations, too. Humans need to be good stewards of wildlife.”

James A. Marples,



Photograph: BirdLife Malta

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    3 Responses

    1. Jake says:

      Object to this massacre with tourist €’s. Just don’t visit Gozo or Malta.

    2. d n mossop says:

      Woken this morning at 6.30am by shotgun shooting, it appears they can’t wait to kill.

    3. Valerie says:

      Lack of enforcement makes this a nonsensical suggestion. Punishment is in place but no action is taken in most cases.

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