NTM extremely concerned over reports of “mass killing of bees” on Comino

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NTM extremely concerned over reports of "mass killing of bees" on CominoNature Trust – FEE Malta has said in a statement that it is “extremely concerned and disappointed” following recent media reports of the “mass killing of bees” on Comino.

It stressed the fact that “not only is the islet of Comino a protected nature reserve, but bees themselves are fundamental for the local ecosystem and, ultimately, ourselves.”

Bees are very important pollinators of most plants, including fruits, vegetables and other crops that feed animals and ourselves: more than one third of the world’s crop production is dependent on bee pollination, said NTM.

The NGO stated that “should media reports which are hinting at venom traps or poison turn out to be correct, one wonders the motive behind such actions and urges the Environment and Resources Authority and the Police to take action and find who was responsible.”

NTM also recommended that the relevant authorities embark on a campaign informing and educating the public about the importance of such species to the ecosystem. “Education is instrumental in the safeguarding of all species in the local ecosystem.,” it said.

Nature Trust – FEE Malta continued by calling on the relevant authorities to take Comino seriously. “Besides the mass culling of bees, earlier media reports have also hinted at the Santa Marija Bay area developing into a shanty town of tents.”

The NGO concluded that, “being one of the very last areas in the Maltese Islands with less human impact than other parts of the islands, it is shameful to have been forgotten and left as a free for all with minimal law enforcement.”

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    1. just an expat says:

      I know there is a police presence on Comino – so where are they? someone is not doing their job!

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