Feast day of St. John Paul II celebrated at Gozo General Hospital

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Feast day of St. John Paul II celebrated at Gozo General HospitalIn the Church’s universal calendar of feast days the memorial feast day of St. John Paul II was chosen to be celebrated on the 2nd of October – the date of the inauguration of his pontificate in 1978

“At the Gozo General Hospital we have various residencies where the patients live as a community. One of these is the Female Geriatric Ward which is named Residenza St. Anna. Another Residence is the Long Stay Ward which as a Residence was given the name San Gwan Pawlu it-Tieni (Saint John Paul the II).

The male geriatric ward might be given the name St. Joseph Residence as they translocate to Ghajnsielem one day in the new extended building of what was St. Joseph Orphanage, but this yet has to happen and also be decided.

This morning at John Paul II Residence a Mass was celebrated by the hospital chaplain Fr Joe Cardona. He delivered a beautiful message about the great devotion this Saint had for the Virgin Mary, a Devotion which we all should emulate.

Present were nearly all residents, members of the NGO Mental Health Association Gozo, who organised the Mass.

Apart from organising the Mass, the MHAG paid a whole year’s subscription for the ‘Go TV Sports Channel’ so that those residents who had enjoyed watching football before they were accepted into the Residence, could continue to enjoy sports. This addition will give the residents a sense of home away from home.

At the end of the Mass, Ms. Pauline Camilleri, President of the MHAG, accompanied by Vice President Ms. Jaenett Falzon and other members, thanked Mr. Joe Grech a representative of Go Communications Company for the discounted price to upgrade to the Sports Channel, and presented a check to Ms. Josephine Saliba who is in charge of the Residence together with Mr. Louis Grech, who could not be present this morning.

There was a touching gesture during the event this morning when a resident spontaneously walked up to the Go representative Mr Joe Grech and expressed words of gratitude for now being able to occupy his time watching and enjoying his favourite sport of football with some friends which he had made at the Residence.

The main problem he said is time; we have too much of it. Having the sports channel will change our time into an enjoyable spell. Mr. Grech was moved by this and promised that the ‘GO Communications Company will always be there to support the Hospital.

I would like to thank and show sincere appreciation to the MHAG for the many activities promoting and supporting mental health.”

Report and photos by Anthony Zammit

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