Gozitan students will now receive rent subsidy on a monthly basis

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Gozitan students will now receive rent subsidy on a monthly basisThe Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana has announced today that Gozitan students who live in Malta, will receive their subsidy on a monthly basis instead of every three months, as agreed by the Government.

The €500 subsidy has been granted every 3 months to help cover some of the expenses that Gozitan students spend on accommodation during their scholastic year.

The Minister for Gozo was speaking at the University of Malta Campus with representatives of the Gozo University Group, who had put the idea forward.

Dr Caruana said that this means that students will now have peace of mind that the allowance will be there every month to help meet expenses. She added that “this is a Government that listens.”

The initiative was welcomed by the Gozo University Group President Rachel Galea, who explained that the request had been made to the Ministry following discussions the organisation had with students during which they had voiced their suggestions in easing their monthly burden with rent and transport costs etc.

The organisation said that this initiative will work out to approximately €167 per month, starting in January 2019, and added that it hopes that this initiative will prove beneficial to the Gozitan students residing in Malta.

The GUG concluded by saying that it would like to thank the Minister for Gozo “for her constant support in many initiatives that the organisation undergoes, including this one, which would not have been possible if not for her help.”

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    1. Lino DeBono says:

      A very much needed good step forward. Merit to the Gozo Minister and most of all the Students Representatives

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