Gozitans left stranded because of strike action on ferries – GUG

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Gozitans left stranded because of strike action on ferries - GUGThe Gozo University Group has said the because of this morning’s strike by workers at Gozo Channel, “several Gozitan workers and students were left stranded on the island.”

The GUG said that that it would be “very much appreciated if the general public is informed beforehand of a strike taking place, so that those in need to travel are not taken by surprise.”

“While we sympathise with the Gozo Channel workers and understand that there may have been several issues for which a strike on this busy Monday morning was justifiable,” the GUG said, “we as a Gozitan organisation think that such situations should be handled with more care and responsibility by those who ordered the strike.”

The organisation stated that, “this strike took place at a busy time when many Gozitan workers and students travel to the mother island for work or school and left many stuck in Gozo and shifting their busy schedule by hours.”

It continued by saying that it “asks that in similar situations, such preparation and timing for a strike should be handled with more reasonable care and responsibility.”

Crossing by Gozo Channel ferries is the only method for any Gozitan who works or studies in Malta, the GUG said.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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    1. Ray says:

      It is even more of problem for those who can not get to the airport and miss their flight!
      Missing school or work is annoying and unfortunate but having to pay out possibly thousands of euros for new flights is much worse!

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