Learn to Save A Life – Gozo Paediatric First Aid Course next month

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Learn to Save A Life - Gozo Paediatric First Aid CourseAn emergency paediatric first aid course is being organised in Gozo next month, by St Bernard’s Safety Training Institute.

Learn to Save a Life – is being held on Sunday, the 18th of November, starting at 9.30am at the Ghajnsielem Parish Centre. The course will be held in English with Maltese interventions

The price for the course is €25 per person and will include a certificate of attendance witha validity of 3 years. There will also be time allotted for practice of CPR on baby and child Manikins.

The organisers said that this course is suitable for anyone who is involved in taking care of children such as parents, child carers, kinder-garden, primary and secondary teachers and learning support assistants.

It will provide clear information of what assistance needs to be offered to an injured child until professional medical assistance takes over. This course is also suitable to renew an existing Paediatric First Aid qualification. Validity is 3 years.

At the end of the Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course, participants are assessed by a multiple choice assessment sheet to assess understanding of the main topics and any weaknesses are addressed by the tutor.

St Bernard’s First Aid & Safety Training Institute, Msida, is licensed by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education to conduct First Aid Courses for the general public. The license number is 2014-FHI-002

It is accredited by the Safety Training Awards (STA) of UK, to conduct First Aid Courses. The Institute said that its First Aid certificates are “worldwide recognised.”

The Institute explained that the Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course is made up of 4 sections, which are:

Section 1: Introduction to Paediatric First Aid

Section 2: Minor First Aid Treatments

Section 3: Major First Aid Treatments

Section 4: Body Injuries and First Aid Treatments

The Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course includes practice of CPR on child and baby manikin, recovery position for infants and babies and practice of wound dressing.

Main Course Topics:

Introduction to Paediatric First Aid

Aims of First Aid

Hygienic Aspects when delivering First Aid

Legal Aspects that concern First Aiders

The Accident Book

Contents of a First Aid Box

Planning for an Emergency

Dealing with an unwell child

Minor First Aid Treatments

Nose Bleeding

Panic Attack


Eye Injuries

Animal Bites and Insect Stings

Bruises and Grazes

Major First Aid Treatments

Being able to conduct a Primary Survey for an unresponsive, not breathing casualty – CPR

Being able to conduct a Secondary Survey for an unresponsive, breathing casualty – Recovery Position



Febrile Convulsions


Head Injuries

Body Injuries and First Aid Treatment


Sprains and Strains

Bone Fractures and Dislocations

Body Burns and Scalds.

To book a course, please email safetytrainingmalta@gmail.com or sms on: 99248968/79277230.

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