Structures needed in the EU to allow islands like Gozo to flourish – Sant

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Structures needed in the EU to allow islands like Gozo to flourish - SantMEP Alfred Sant has said that the EU needs new structures that are more favourable for communities like those living in Gozo, thus allowing for their survival and to flourish.

He added that through the case of the island of Gozo, EU entities are too often conveniently forgetting about such rights.

Dr Sant made the remarks as he was voting in favour of a resolution to accelerate political steps to improve the situation in rural, mountainous and remote areas.

“Examples can be given through new funding structures and policy frameworks – rather than assisting these communities, new proposals are eating in what had been granted,” said Sant.

“I have defended the right of citizens living in these areas for years,” he said, “to have equal conditions as those in other parts of Europe.”

Alfred Sant pointed out that “they also have the right to benefit from smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, the same food quality, the same levels of social inclusion, gender equality, job creation, digitalisation and an efficient internal market.”

“The rights of these citizens, are on paper defended by the Treaties: specifically Article 174 states that the Union shall aim at reducing disparities between the levels of development of the various regions and the backwardness of the least favoured regions,” concluded the MEP.

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    2 Responses

    1. Joe Camilla says:

      ‘Levels of Development’ and ‘backwardness’ as words used in this context are very worrisome. Whilst I believe Sant is right, what exactly is he proposing for Gozo as a region?

    2. Lino DeBono says:

      Gozo is being left behind in many aspects. Projects are Non-Starters whilst Malta is advancing at a fast pace. As Newspapers have not published what questions were raised especially by myself, I will take the issues to the general public myself.

      1) Statistics of the NSO on 21st December 2017 show that the GDP of Gozo on a National Basis has gone down from 61% in 2015 to 59% in 2016.
      2) Contrary Malts’s GDP has gone up to 103% for the same period.
      3) Thus Gozo GDP has gone down by 2%.
      4) In actual terms of reality Gozo GDP is lesser by more than half of that of Malta.

      The actuality of real facts is that Gozo who had a percentage of 4% in 2003 from Gozo 71% – Malta 75% now is of less than half.

      1) The general Media income on a National Basis was that of 26,610 for all citizens.
      2) Gozitans Media for families is that of 22,402.
      3) This is that a Gozitan worker or family earner is getting 4,2008 euros less per worker. That is 350
      euros per month.

      Consider this when the cost of living goes up the same for everyone, not matter how much one earns or wherever one live.

      Lastly I brought up the subject that before – during and after the Malta/Gozo secession of Membership in the European Union, Dr Simon Busuttil had promised in a written Booklet/Leaflet No 18, that whenever Malta will cross the threshold of 75% of GDP, Gozo will benefit from better NUTS classifications as an Island Region.
      This turned up to be UNTRUE as it may have been registered in Malta for Votes, but it was Never Included in any Agreement with the European Union.
      Dr Simon Busuttil took Gozitans for a ride with Untruths and lies.

      Now Malta is having foreign investments by a multitude of new projects. Good – but what about Gozo?

      Why isn’t the Government insisting of opening Pharmaceutical Projects in Gozo. Why not insist for high Technological Projects in I.T’s which are plentiful to also invest in Gozo, when many workers in I.T’s are Gozitans.

      I, as a former Member of Parliament in the Socialist Movement (and still am Socialist) do insist with the relevant Authorities to take initiatives to project Gozo in these kinds of fields.

      There are other projects that can be done and invested in Gozo, Not for personal gain, which sadly the personal gains issues are taking hold, but for the betterment in general of the Gozitan Public and its workers.

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