Victoria Council and NGO voice concerns over Cittadella Ditch apertures

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Victoria Council and NGO voice concerns over Cittadella Ditch apertures

Cittadella Ditch aperture superimposed

In a joint statement by the Victoria Local Council and Wirt Ghawdex, they have welcomed the fact that repair work on the collapsed wall at the Cittadella ditch in Victoria, Gozo is progressing and the wall is being rebuilt.

The local council and NGO added that however, they regret that the controversial two windows and doorway overlooking the ditch, will again be established “since the original permit has not been amended to omit these apertures, notwithstanding the damage they have created.”

The Victoria Local Council said that it makes it very clear that, “since the ditch belongs to the Government (Lands Authority), it is only the Lands Authority that can submit an objection about these apertures.”

“The Local Council has carried out its responsibilities as the lessee, it said, “and advised and made its objections, before the wall collapsed, to the Lands Authority as the responsible entity for Government property.”Victoria Council and NGO voice concerns over Cittadella Ditch aperturesThe Council added that, “the Lands Authority confirmed to the Council that no such permission was ever granted.”

“However, the granting of servitude (making openings in a dividing wall) always needs to be approved by the owner and yet, the Planning Authority did not receive or request the developer to present such permission during processing of the application,” the Council said.

It pointed out that originally, the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage “strongly objected to these apertures. All the reasons they quoted for these objections are still relevant today. ”

The Victoria Local Council and Wirt Ghawdex stated that they are therefore “strongly recommending that the above-mentioned permit be amended accordingly by the Planning Authority by removing these apertures from the permit.”

All photos Victoria Council/Wirt Ghawdex – bottom photos show Cittadella collapsed wall and new additions

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    1 Response

    1. Lino DeBono says:

      I join as previously, the valid objections of any door and windows opening on the Ditch area. Victoria Council and the Lands Department had never ever given or had been asked for their approval. Therefore apart from the project of turning this house into a Boutique Hotel with which I do agree, how can it be justified that the Planning Authority have issued and approved the permit without the mentioned two bodies approval?

      The Citadel is unique so why destroy the jewel that we have?

      Another issue is the height, the permit also indicated a height for this building. By doing so the visibility of the Citadel Clock, which was situated in such a place to be seen and viewed by the people of Rabat, will be obstructed. This also is not right and has to be repudiated. Action please.

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